Chamada de capítulos para coletânea "As Hélices da Inovação"


RASI announces the call to capture chapters for the collection "As Hélices da Inovação" organized by professors Marcelo Amaral (UFF), Adriana Faria (UFV) and Andrea Mineiro (UNIFEI).

Given the wide diffusion of the Triple Helix approach in Brazil in academic, business and governmental spaces in the last twenty years, associated with the emergence of varied concepts and models, it is understood that there is a need for a work in Portuguese that broadly address university-company-government relations so that the understanding of the subject is deepened, allowing for the best use of tools aimed at achieving technological development, innovation, and the consequent economic development.

To this end, the Triple Helix Research Group (, a research group based in the Graduate Program in Administration at the Fluminense Federal University (PPGA/UFF), in partnership with other entities , is proposing the elaboration of a book in the format of a collection of chapters in which the central themes of this theme will be discussed in light of the Brazilian reality.

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