Marketing Management as a Differential for Excellence in the Third Sector


  • Ricardo Cerveira UNICAMP
  • Nágela Bianca do Prado UNICAMP
  • Kleber Pettan UNICAMP
  • Christiano França da Cunha UNICAMP



Marketing mix management, 7P's, Non-Profit Institutions, Agribusiness


This teaching case aims to promote the immersion of readers into a reflection involving the Administration area in general, with a special focus on Marketing Management, based on the creation and trajectory of the IBS case. For the construction of this teaching case, data were collected from semi-structured interviews with mostly open-ended questions, with the Institute directors. There was also documentary research on social media to acquire more details about the Institution’s history. The literature in the area of Business Administration, in general, does not approach the third sector from the perspective of strategic marketing. In this case, the achievements of a third sector institution based on the adoption of marketing excellence practices. Thus, it can be concluded that the third sector, when using well-designed marketing practices, achieves satisfactory results. Relating the originality, the case was described with real data, with the educational goal of offering the Professor a real representation about the concepts that involve the administration area, especially regarding the planning of a company and the marketing strategies used, to be worked with undergraduate students.


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